Dentistry – Equine

Our vets have undertaken further training in equine dentistry allowing us to offer the best care for your equine companions. Equine dental disease is painful and often goes undiagnosed by unskilled technicians. As we all know, tooth aches are extremely painful and unfortunately our animals experience this pain but are unable to tell us. That is why regular dentistry is extremely important. PEAK VETS recommend booking your horse in for a dental health exam every 12 months or sooner if they are prone to dental issues.
We are able to perform dentistry at our clinics and on property visits. We have multiple crushes that can be easily transported to you property. The trailers fold out into a safe horse crush in just 3 minutes and are complete with running water.

Common dental issues include:

  • Sharp enamel points
  • Excessively worn or abnormally long teeth
  • Retained caps (baby teeth)
  • Fractured or missing teeth
  • Decaying or infected teeth
  • Periodontal disease.

Regular dentals can assist with:

  • Preventing premature tooth loss
  • Improve feed utilisation and weight maintenance
  • Reduce the incidence of impaction and gas colic
  • Alleviate mouth and jaw pain
  • Prevent pain due to the use of a bit, making it easier for your horse to be trained
  • Extend the life expectancy of your horse

What to expect during a dental appointment:

  • The vet will complete a health check on your horse to ensure all vitals signs are within normal limits and your horse is fit for the procedure
  • Your horse will then receive an IV sedation and be led into the crush
  • The vet will then place a full mouth gag on your horse and begin the oral exam using a light source and mirror
  • The dental will be then be performed with a Powerfloat