Mobile Small Animal Service

We understand that in our modern busy lives, getting your pet to the vet can be difficult. House calls for pets have made resurgence in recent years offering flexibility and convenience.

We understand that getting your pet to the vet can sometimes be difficult. This is why we offer a convenient, and friendly mobile house call service to service Ipswich and surrounds.

Sometimes it is just the hassle of dealing with multiple pets all at once, or the challenge of ferrying the kids and the pets in one go. For some pets, the whole experience can be quite stressful and they are just calmer in their home environment.

We provide a service where we can bring one of our friendly and capable vets to you, where we can conduct a range of services in the comfort of your own home.

Our van is fully equipped with a range of medications and diagnostic equipment, so that we can provide you a full service, from home. Vaccinations, health checks, puppy/kitten litters, ear or eye issues, skin issues, allergies, to name just a few!

We can also refer your pet to one of our clinics for treatment or for more advanced diagnostics or procedures such as x-rays or surgeries.