Ultrasound is a crucial diagnostic tool routinely used by our vets. It allows for non-invasive imaging of soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, and reproductive organs in horses. Our vets are able to perform ultrasounds in clinic and at your property with our portable machines.
Property requirements: For reproductive examinations on mares, an equine crush is required. It is crucial to ensure the safety of our patients and staff during these appointments. The use of a well-designed crush provides a secure environment for these procedures, minimizing risks and ensuring efficient and effective examinations. If you do not have an equine crush, please notify our team so our vet can bring the portable crush with them.


Our portable X-ray machine allows our vets to capture detailed images both in clinic and on your property. Radiographs can assist in lameness evaluations, pre-purchase exams, and emergency situations. They provide quick insights into fractures, wounds, dental health, and other orthopaedic issues in horses’ limbs.
Property requirements: In order to perform diagnostic radiographs at your property it is important to ensure you have a suitable area to do so. Do you have the following?
Power: Our machine must be plugged into a main power source, it cannot run off a generator
Concrete / covered area: An undercover concrete area is ideal for performing radiographs. If you can’t facilitate this, please let our staff know so we can come up with a suitable plan.